Premier Africa Films [PAF] is a subsidiary of Agwhyte International Limited. A dual platform for Digital Streaming and physical DVD SALES of film and TV productions across the world.

Agwhyte International Limited seeks Distributors of film and TV Productions in DVD format from selected countries.
Benefits to a PAF Distributor are enormous. Very importantly, NO COSTS required for application forms or afterwards.

PREMIER AFRICA FILMS… best of next level Films, ONLY.

BENEFITS to DISTRIBUTORS are numerous, including an opportunity to own a slice of the PAF network.

VISION – To build Africa’s BIGGEST film distribution network
MISSION – To deliver top-notch films to Africans all over the world.
To create job opportunities for participating countries
To empower successful applicants.

We are very proud that you are about to be a part of Africa’s new global frontier for quality entertainment and business.

Welcome to the world of PREMIER AFRICA FILMS because your next level fantasy is about to become a reality.

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