Our Services

TV Production

Below are various types of TV production we produce.

Reality TV Shows; Drama Series; Comedy Skits
Documentaries; Business Programmes; Music Shows Sports; Lifestyle; Infotainment; News; Kiddies; Magazine; etc.

Film Production

We produce all mainstream genres of film; including feature length and short films at the highest quality available in the world of filmmaking today. Agwhyte is all about quality over quantity. Our Film, TAKE ME TO MAAMA is one of the most outstanding movies of all time in the annals of Nollywood.

Our soon to come film, MIKKI is already endorsed by the Federal Government of Nigeria; rated by Nigerian Film Corporation as an “exceptionally brilliant and timeless film.”

Music Production


We produce music for Audio & Visual Content and more…

  • Agwhyte Music Label and its mantra is to always give the listener, Quality Sweet Music
  • Production of Content Soundtracks
  • Production of Content music score
  • Production of Jingles
  • Production of commercial music

We render ADR services for all types of content, especially Film, Television and Skits.

We also have a pool of talented and professional Voice Actors in various local and foreign languages.

Rental Services

• Production Equipment
• Post – Production Studios –VISUAL
• Post Production –Studios – AUDIO


We create unique animated films using a range of techniques and styles, including 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion, hand-drawn and digital animation.

Creative Direction

Our team of creative producers are involved in all stages of a production process, ensuring that the vision of the client is achieved on time, and on budget.

Film/TV Content Acquisition, Aggregation and Distribution

As a Content Aggregator and film production outfit, Agwhyte International owns and have also licensed over 2,000 Film and Television Titles.

Agwhyte Value Added Services

The Telecom Sector has provided a sustainable and alternate revenue stream for content producers, etc. through Value Added Services Providers.

Agwhyte International is Licensed as a Value Added Services Provider by Nigerian Communications Commission.